Training Success Depends on Pre-Training Needs Analysis

‘Training Needs Analysis’ is as important as the training itself. Prior to developing a training plan and starting the process of finding a trainer and venue, higher management and L & D...

Start the New Year with a Bang by Planning your Career Growth in Advance

Year End is almost upon us and everyone is busy finishing tasks before the holiday starts. Many of us are planning a vacation, finalizing location, booking tickets, etc...

5 Most Common Project Management Mistakes

Project management mistakes are costly affairs. It leads to increased budget, missed project delivery timelines, and unsatisfied customer...

Coach Your IT Team and Advance Your Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud computing serves your business in multiple ways including reduced infrastructure cost, better access to data and unlimited data storage...

A Quick Guide on How Professional Certification Adds Value to your Career

In a corporate setting, during a coffee break, it happens quite often that the discussion leads to the topic of professional certification vs work experience...


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