Coach Your IT Team and Advance Your Cloud Infrastructure

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Coach Your IT Team and Advance Your Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud computing serves your business in multiple ways including reduced infrastructure cost, better access to data and unlimited data storage. The cloud infrastructure allows you to setup a virtual infrastructure which provides the flexibility of interconnecting your business associates anywhere and anytime. Samsung electronics recently announced that it is acquiring a leading private and public cloud provider company Joyent, Inc. To support their growing lineup of cloud-based services and software, IOT (internet of things) and Mobiles, Samsung will now have its own cloud platform and will serve the customers more efficiently with Joyent’s superior cloud technology. Cloud computing is adopted by a variety of business domains for making effective use of big data, saving the massive cost of site storage and data processing infrastructure. Thus, coaching and training your IT team can advance your cloud infrastructure.Cloud Infrastructure Can Drive Your Business to New RoadsAccording to a survey, “The impact of cloud on businesses is such that the trade organizations achieved improved productivity, lower cost and improved returns on the market in less time by deploying and investing in cloud Infrastructure”. Business organizations that adopted the functionality of cloud infrastructure experienced average improvement growth of 20.66% in much less time, 18.80% growth in improved efficiency and saved much cost that required being invested in IT labor and infrastructure. A rough estimate stated that by 2020, 95.4% of UK businesses will be enrolled in at least one of the service of cloud infrastructure. This reason is simple because cloud concept is increasing efficiency, embellished cash flow and serves many benefits which result in easy and flexible working along with maintaining all records and placements.What Benefits You Can Achieve by a Cloud Expert IT Team

  • Flexibility: Cloud infrastructure is equipped with ideal options for improving business outcomes and efficiencies. Cloud services are easy to be accessed when required and the agile nature of cloud makes is really beneficial to compete with the tough market. Cloud is facilitated with flexible usage depending on circumstances i.e. with the rise in sales, the cost and usage increase and the vice-versa.
  • Damages and loss recovery: All the business organizations invest separately over safety and security and disaster recovery. Cloud technology helps organizations safeguard their data and information more efficiently. As per a survey, Aberdeen group reported that “small businesses are twice as large as the companies that have implemented cloud-based backup and recovery options”.
The cloud infrastructure has resulted in 20.66% average improvement in time to market, 19.63% average increase in organizational growth, 18.80 average increases in process efficiency, 16.18 average reductions in operational and labor cost investment, 15.07% average reduction in IT expenditure and 16.76% average reduction in maintenance expenditure. This small study over average benefits of cloud infrastructure can prove the real-time benefits and the perfect piece of proof why you should train and coach your IT team and advance your cloud infrastructure.

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