How Mentor Global Can Help You Design Customized Learning Solutions

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How Mentor Global Can Help You Design Customized Learning Solutions

Mentor-Global leverages its unique training methodology and years of experience to accelerate business growth by empowering people. We provide customized learning and development solutions for enterprise skill enhancement and to improve the business bottom line.Present business environment faces numerous challenges such as changing technology landscape, added work pressure and the resulting skills gap. When a company identifies that there is a skills gap which needs to be covered at a faster speed and with quality, they require a L&D specialist like Mentor-Global.There are several reasons that lead to skill gap and the need for training. Few of the most common reasons are:

  • A new project may require the workforce to be trained on a technology out of the scope of the company competencies. In such a scenario, it is more cost-effective to train the internal employees instead of hiring external resources for the project.
  • Decreased productivity is identified as the major reason for training in the corporate sector. If the end product is delivered later than the estimated time and is lower than the desired quality, then the company desperately requires an analysis for finding the reason and curing it with appropriate training.
  • Software upgrade adds new and improved features to the existing application. At times, these features can be learned internally via on-the-job setup. However, there are times when these features are much vast and complex in scope and are critical to the business operations. This requires training from external sources.
  • Today’s business environment is more global than ever. Customers, clients, and stakeholders connect beyond geographical and cultural boundaries to conduct business in the most fruitful manner. However, this poses a great risk when there is a lack of communication skills or soft skills within the company.
Any of the above reasons require the organization to invest in employee learning and development. Apart from these reasons, L&D also helps in company growth and employee retention.Mentor-Global works in partnership with its clients to analyze their learning requirement and develop a tailor-made solution to solve the identified problem. We have a specialized ‘Learning Needs Assessment’ service that helps clients assess their current situation in terms of identifying the scope of training to meet the business objectives and solve the recognized problem.The course content is designed by Subject-Matter Experts (SMEs) based on the requirement gathered. The course design also incorporates other factors such as mode of training, availability of participants per day.There are 3 modes of training:
  1. ITL (Instructor-led Training)
  2. VITL (Virtual Instructor-led Training)
  3. eLearning (Online Training)
The mode of training is decided once the scope of training and participants KSAs (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities) are established. The training content (Technical/ non-technical) also plays an important role in determining the mode of training. For example, there are certain training specially designed for recent graduates. We call this design model as ‘Fusion Velocity Training’.Fusion Velocity is a blended training format where different modes of training are combined together along with gamification and other fun activities. This helps in keeping the enthusiasm level of participants high and engages them in learning for high-impact. Fusion Velocity quickly turns the recent graduates into the productive mode. Interactive training ensures that the participants retain the knowledge gained for a longer duration and are able to apply it on-the-job as and when required.The learning management solution (LMS) designed and delivered by Mentor-Global is customized for each client based on their learning requirement. As the learning and development statistics keep growing, we keep innovating and introducing new and improved methods to ensure each training is high-impact.

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