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Start the New Year with a Bang by Planning your Career Growth in Advance

Year End is almost upon us and everyone is busy finishing tasks before the holiday starts. Many of us are planning a vacation, finalizing location, booking tickets, etc. Soon, we’ll exhaust the holidays and welcome the new year. This time, just like any other time, is the perfect opportunity to pause and reflect on your career growth.Career planning and advancement is not a one-time ritual post studies, rather, it should be an annual event marked in your calendar for all your work life. It helps in making the right choices, setting the career and life goals and charting out the path to reach it.The reason you should do it now is so that you enter the new year with the confidence of achieving your goals. The major challenges of delaying or avoiding career growth plan is:

  • Procrastination
  • Lack of Direction
  • Family Pressure
If you are doing the same job and earning the same salary as last year same time, then it’s time to pause and think. Find out the reasons for the stagnant career movement. This doesn’t need to be a stressful task. It may be challenging, but it’s worth the time and attention.Career growth planning should be a liberating and positive experience as it gives you the direction to pursue for better achievements in life.Here are a few steps that will help you plan your career growth in an organized and stress-free manner:
  1. Review the Year 2015: You are your best judge. Dissect, examine, and analyze the entire year in terms of achievements and setbacks. Write down your lessons learned from the experiences. Honestly tell yourself how your skills and talent has contributed in your current organization. Be specific, don’t just sit and ponder. Work at it like a project with a pen and paper or on your system.
  2. Current Lifestyle/ Expectations: Analyze if your present work timings, earnings, and activities are supporting your lifestyle comfortably. Reflect on your expectations from your life in this year. Set realistic goals and see if your current career choice can help you achieve them.
  3. Pinpoint your Strengths and Weaknesses: Do your own review in terms of skills, talent, shortcomings, and work experience. Analyze if your qualification is apt for your desired role.
  4. Training/ Education: Upgrade your knowledge. Gain a new skill that can help in your career advancement. Certification trainings for leadership, project management and technical programs have great market value. Do some research and enroll in a course that help you brand yourself better.
  5. Career/ Job Opportunities: Most people switch not just jobs but even careers during their entire work life. If you are not satisfied with your current role, then check for other options. Research what are the other career options available for your qualification and skill set.
  6. Long-Term Plan: When you are planning for career advancement, plan for the immediate next move and once you are satisfied with the plan, then start planning for long-term career growth. Work on the skills such as communication skills, problem-solving or analytical skills that enable you to reach a far-sighted goal.
Have you started planning your career growth for 2017? If you don’t plan your career, then someone else will do it for you. So, take the reins of your professional life in your hands.

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