Unique Learning Solution for Positive Impact on Business Initiatives

Any workplace is defined by the people working there, the way the organisation functions and the technology landscape

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Unique Learning Solution for Positive Impact on Business Initiatives

Any workplace is defined by the people working there, the way the organisation functions and the technology landscape. In the current scenario, organizations that do not succeed in adjusting their learning management solutions and practices, generally struggle with the productivity and growth of the organisation. Consequently, a number of leading industries are avoiding conventional technique of learning. To get more result-oriented solutions organizations are including technological innovation that improves performance and engages talent. As per a recent survey, 59% of the organisations are adopting social learning activities but there were only 10% of them who were concentrating on mobile learning solutions, although the trend is gradually changing towards more mobile and social learning.Role of Adaptive Learning in Business IntensificationOne among the many methodologies which rupture the traditional models of learning is Adaptive learning. This work on the principle of letting the workforce learn at their own speed. The workers are examined separately for a particular time interval to conclude which approach of learning will suit their requirements the best. The result from a report suggests that around one-third of the organizations worldwide are escalating their financial plan for learning and development. It majorly benefits the workers of the young age group to enhance their ability of interaction and flexibility.Employees’ abilities focused in Unique Learning SolutionsUnique learning solutions impact workforce engagement and retention while enhancing the competency of employees. These learning solutions help to build self-belief and overall proficiency of employees. A few more aspects which are taken care of are as follows:

  • Communication skills
  • Technical Proficiency
  • Product/ Service awareness
  • Process management
  • Security Awareness
Why Employee Learning is ImportantLearning and development, for all intents and purposes, is an essential part of employees’ and managers’ work. Some of the reasons why it is necessary are:
  • It perks up profitability and productivity.
  • It assists managers to act in accordance with a set of laws and statute.
  • It generates prospect for personal growth and career development, a significant factor in retaining the workforce.
  • It encourages security and healthiness among workers.
  • It educates workers about the effective use of technology, and
  • It guarantees a competitive edge in the market.
While providing unique learning solutions to the employees, the organizations should also keep a check on the followings:Measuring Effectiveness: The organization must check the effectiveness of the training program in order to determine if the learning strategy is well aligned with the business and the employees.Aligning with Business Objectives: Business leaders should give their input in technology investment or any program to make sure that learning is driving performance, engagement and retention. As per a survey conducted on the companies which included business and learning priorities in their strategy planning, more than 70% of organizations that worked on learning priorities were able to enhance a significant amount of profit, whereas merely 48% companies who gave priority only to business learning solutions were able to sustain.Awareness about Social Media Tools: Although it is considered mainstream, many organizations are devoid of the information and awareness about how to use social media for development and learning. Only 24% of the 59% businesses who use Social Media for their learning approach say that it is effective. Such organizations must use micro-blogs or videos as they are known to be more effective. Industries should edify themselves on the ground of social learning and empower the contributors who provide solutions that impel good and positive results in business.Going Mobile: Mobile technology has altered the organization’s way of working, interaction and collaboration to a great extent. With skyrocketing rates of global penetration, the industries which do not use mobile in all areas of HCM (Human Capital Management), will eventually find it difficult to compete with other talents. Businesses are aware that mobile learning solutions can engage users better, expand global reach, and enhance acceptance but are unaware of how to execute a mobile strategy. In order to excel technologically, companies zealous in developing their learning functionalities will have to bring mobile into the equation. Customized and unique learning solutions bring out the best in an organization with respect to the business initiatives and revenue generation and the personal growth of the employee as well.  Hence, it also plays a vital role in building a healthy employer-worker relationship.

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