Upgrade your Circle of “5”

In the previous blog, we talked about the Secret One that distinguishes high-performing and successful people from those who have not reached their highest level yet. We established that our mindset matters the most and a positive attitude to win despite obstacles and resistance is the key to success. Successful leaders focus their energy towards positivity by putting a conscious effort to keep moving even if all odds are against you. They push their limits and break the barriers of comfort zone to reach the highest level of performance.

In this post, we’ll reveal the second secret (listen to the audio) that almost all highest performing leaders follow to reach their peak performance. It is to:

“Upgrade Your Circle of 5”

It has been observed over and over again that our community completely controls our level of success. The people that we surround ourselves with greatly impact both our personal and professional growth. We must observe and identify the 5 people that we spend our most time with. Are these people who encourage us in life and push us to do better and reach our goals? Or are these people pulling us down and tend to express doubt and skepticism towards some of the bigger goals? To reach your highest goals and push forward, you must make amends and choose to be with ‘Growth Fans’.

Growth fans are the people who are already at a higher level than you, they are at a place where you aspire to be, and these people become our inspiration and also our friends who push us to break the belief barriers and aim higher. The question here is:

“Where do I Find Such People?”

One of the best ways to find inspirational people and growth friends is to attend personal development events and classes. These are the places where you’ll connect with like-minded people who try to better themselves. Also, such places are generally frequented by people who can afford to take time out of their busy lives. They have to have a certain level of accomplishment to be at such events. They can motivate and encourage you as they have a similar mindset that they have to become a high-performing and successful leader.

Another tried and tested way to make such connections is to be a part of voluntary organizations. You must find something that you care about deeply and be a part of it. People who generally spend time at volunteering organizations have reached a level of success where they can take time away from their days to contribute at that level. These are caring people who like to give back to the society via various volunteer work. The kind of people you would like to be around and learn from. Such high-performing people are very intentional about whom they work, partner, and spend their time with. They are always seeking out the best connections.  The point to note down here is:

“If you want to check and measure how well you are doing, you look at your circle of 5”

There are people in our lives, our friends from childhood and high school that we care about and love, we spend so much time with them that it is hard to identify if those people are a good circle of 5.

  • How do you identify if your circle is a good circle of 5?
  • What are the ways to check if you need to change your group?

The important thing to notice here is that you have to take a look and identify if your friends are at a level where you want to be in future, are they living the life that you would like to live one day. If not, it does not mean that you have to ditch your lifelong friends. It just means that you have to be intentional about bringing some changes in your circle.

You must find your growth friends who already enjoy the position and success that you aim to achieve. Then you intentionally give more attention and spend more time with your growth friends. You still stay attached to your original friends but you take away a little time and attention to focus on larger things in life. It’s all about setting priorities. Find out if your current group of friends is giving you positive energy or actually draining your energy.

Get intentional about your life and start to notice it to bring the change and upgrade your circle of 5.

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