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Why Executive Coaching is more than worth the Investment

Business owners and leaders are often viewed as born leaders. They are perceived to have been born with the intellect and skills to launch and establish an organization and push it further to reach sustainable growth. However, what most people do not know is that even the best of the best leaders have often needed someone else’s help to get past the hurdles of leadership and people management. This help comes in the form of Executive Coaching. Executive coaching is like psychodynamics and assesses the participant’s behavior and way of thinking based on their experiences, relationships, and their perception of the world and its functioning. In this way, the participant can observe and understand the elements of their thoughts and behaviors as an outsider. This gives incomparable clarity and untainted vision of the underlying problems and challenges. Your coach helps you in expanding your horizon and soak in different aspects of leadership and people management. There are many layers and objectives of executive coaching and the entire session can be filtered and customized as per an individuals’ or organizations’ requirement. Coaching touches various aspects of a person’s’ life ranging from personal to professional, such as:

  •         Goal setting,
  •         Collaborative problem-solving
  •         Constructive feedback practice
  •         Supervisory involvement
  •         Evaluation of end results
  •         Public presentation
  •         Impact of your actions on your personal performance
  •         Impact of your actions on the performance of your unit
There are cases when a top sales director of a company fails to get promoted as a partner. With high intellect, whopping numbers, and years of experience, most top managers find this as an unexpected event. They fail to identify the reasons for lack of promotion. This is where executive coaching helps people identify and discover their strengths and weaknesses. Coaching helps to get past the challenge of years of belief and leadership structure. Executive coaching gives managers the opportunity to obtain constructive feedback from within their unit as well as senior management. Let’s look at another scenario where the Finance head of the company was promoted to join the board of directors. It was a welcome achievement and he almost expected it looking at his years of experience in the company and his expertise. However, he found it difficult to voice his opinions in the board meetings. Other members didn’t value his ideas and he was being pushed to the background, something he was not at all used to. This made him focus even more on his present communication and leadership style. However, the problem only got thicker with time. With effective one-on-one executive coaching, the coachee was able to observe and understand the dynamics of the boardroom meetings. He got aware of the wider global political agendas within the company. He effortlessly and gradually worked on his communication style. His subtleness and sophistication in presenting new ideas made him instantly popular in the meetings. He was out of the confidence losing trap and could focus on his work much more efficiently. Not only could he voice his opinions more easily, he even became the central person whenever there was a tricky situation or an impasse. The aim of executive coaching is to see measurable difference in leadership approach and increased business productivity because of better decision making. A coached leader empowers his business and associates to reach higher levels of success. A very simple example of how executive coaching helped a highly professional managing director was struggling to build rapport with her new boss and associates at the new workplace after relocation. He noticed that her boss made important decisions sometimes without discussing with her or informing her which directly affected her area of work. She was also not finding the right chemistry to work with the subordinates and associates effectively. This lead to low energy, low motivation, and frustration. Coaching helped her understand the reason for this environment and helped her in building up her emotional resilience. She got where she needed to work more and how she could shape the situation differently with a new approach to work in her favor. The result was much-increased productivity in the new office and respect as a senior. 

“I never cease to be amazed at the power of the coaching process to draw out the skills or talent that was previously hidden within an individual, and which invariably finds a way to solve a problem previously thought unsolvable.”

–   John Russell

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