If you are looking at beating
the guidance for the next quarter,

Now is the time to act!!!

Is your frontline taking too long to ramp up? Is your sales team feeling burdened by targets? Does Your Sales Team Lack of Efficiency?

This two-day power packed transformational learning program is for all those who want their
products/solutions to be a clear and unanimous choice for their customers

Enabler Speak:

"In course of my journey as sales professional I learnt how Selling by Intent could not only transform the outcome but the entire experience of selling and make it more joyful and exciting. I have packaged my first hand insights and learning and combined it with my gift of enabling transformational learning in a 2-day program called “Selling by Intent”.

I am glad to invite sales professionals across industries to come and participate in Selling by Intent, being held in Bangalore on November 6th & 7th.

Being launched in India for the first time, Selling by Intent promises to make selling easy and natural. Transcending all limits, including targets. Closing deals with higher value and velocity. And most importantly instilling pride and conviction in the sales person, who now sells by will and intent."

  • Program : Selling by Intent
  • Date: Nov 6th & 7th
  • Location:Bangalore
  • Venue:To Be Decided
  • Presentor:Indroneil Mukerjee
  • Standard Price: Rs. 25000 + S.T.
  • Enroll on or before Oct 9th: Avail 15% Off
  • Enroll on or before Oct 19th:Avail 10% Off
  • Enroll 3 Participants and 4th Participant attend Free of Cost