Acclaimed as one of the ten Gurus of Change by The Week magazine and a Top Ten Thinker – 2014 by MTC Global, Indroneil, a humanist by faith, has emerged as a reputed coach and enabler of Human Awakening Transformation and Evolution.

Throughout his journey of close to three decades, he made choices intuitively, responding to a sensing of what destiny had in store for him, guided by a dormant belief in the infinite potential of being human. This belief has been the bedrock of his highly fulfilling career of sixteen years with the corporate, two years of independent consulting with start-ups and a meaningful journey of more than a decade with iProdigy – his own creation to enable enterprise evolution, as a first generation entrepreneur.

Straddling both the worlds of doing and being, of metrics and mystics, simultaneously, Indroneil, thanks to his strong base of and grooming in applied behavioral sciences, has been learning from his own experiences right from the beginning. Never has he felt comfortable adopting or imparting third-party wisdom. For him life has been and continues to be a crucible of learning, growth and evolution. And this is what, with an undeterred conviction that there can’t be any other way, he enables in the lives of other individuals and institutions – learning from living and living to learn.

Indroneil was born a humanist and has chosen to be an enabler by design.

Someone who, not for money, fame or position but for the uncompromising love for the human would want to make her flower, come what may. Someone who again and again would make manifest the Creator in her creation and feel overwhelmed to see the Creation create. Someone who would love to walk along the road less traveled with you, holding you and yet ensuring you are on the move, navigating obstacles and converting stumbling blocks into stepping stones. His journey as a human enabler and alchemist began in the year 2002 when he got an opportunity to spend a day with a group of ten individuals looking for direction in their life, to meaningfully and purposefully earn their livelihood. During the intense process of guided exploration and discovery he was overwhelmed to see the infinite potential in each one of them uncovered, establishing in him forever, the faith in the creative power that lies within each one of us. Distilling his learning and insights from this experience he went on to create one of most outstanding transformational labs – The Power Within – which till date has touched and transformed lives of more than a thousand individuals. The period of 2002 to 2005 was one of the most trying times in Indroneil’s life – professionally, financially, socially and emotionally. He believes that he called upon the painful struggle, as a blessing, to help him clear the past, uncover the awesome power of his own essential self and re-define his life with a sense of purpose and self-love. In his own transformational journey he was graced with guidance and interventions from higher plans which got him to experience, connect with and stay guided by his own higher self.

Indroneil facilitates, guides, mentors, speaks, writes and creates music – all with the single-minded purpose of awakening the awesome power of being human.

Felicitated and awarded selected as a Top Ten Thinkers by MTC Global – 2014, Indroneil cringes to go and lecture to gather accolades as a Motivational Speaker. He hates writing a cheap novel that will make him a rich and famous best-selling author overnight. He shies away from romping home with glory about his expertise as a Transformational Coach. Not that he cannot do it. He can and has in the past been there, done that. But today, every expression of his, his very existence is dedicated to serve the cause of human transformation. To him, if it does not transform humanity and its creation, it’s not needed. Thus, his blogs, his talks, his engagements, his conversations and even the soulful music that he plays on his customized guitar – Indra Veena – almost invariably is transformational. Indroneil has an awe inspiring presence which is loved and hated. Amongst the twelve who believe in him, there would at least be one to betray and sell him for thirty pieces of silver. Either way he feels grateful as the lovers shows him his substance and the hater / betrayer, his shadow. To him, both the kinds are nothing but his own self in different bodies, longing to unite.

Indroneil facilitates, guides, mentors, speaks, writes and creates music – all with the single-minded purpose of awakening the awesome power of being human.

Swaratma – an institution for enabling aspiring and practicing musicians to learn to uphold the soul of Indian music while performing – has been conceptualized by Indroneil and is in the process of getting shaped.

So’HaM – School for Human Awakening & Manifestation – was launched by Indroneil as a concept in the year 2008 and is getting incubated both virtually as well as on ground. So’HaM is envisaged to be a sanctuary of sorts proving a ambiance for living naturally and consciously.

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