M-Power Outreach program

Step It Up America is empowered by Mentor Global’s M-Power Program

Mentor Global delivers a comprehensive program of recruiting and training for IT and other STEM jobs, in the United States and around the world, working with our client partner UST Global. And the program has gained the attention of corporate America…Senators, Governors, and Mayors…and even the Vice President of The United States of America.STEM and IT jobs are the biggest job creators both in America and around the world. Minorities are severely underrepresented in these positions in US. Our client, UST Global, believed this could be changed. And this program has already been affecting thousands of minorities and women, with ripple affects across their communities of earning power, buying power, decreased costs of social services, and powerful modeling for breaking through limited thinking brought on by economic paralysis.UST is investing in recruiting, training, and employing minority women from underprivileged backgrounds. Mentor Global is an active partner of UST in recruiting, training and ultimately getting them ready for employment. This is achieved through the Mentor Global M-Power Program, an intensive multi-faceted, 90-day training program, which we designed and deliver around the world.You can find out more about the economic and social impact of this program here:Click to View The PDF

Training Design and Overview

Designing a program to get someone with no significant IT experienced to be ready for IT roles as Junior Testers and Junior Programmers is a daunting task. Building on our experience with similar programs executed in Mexico and India, we have worked with UST Global to design a multiphased program that not only develops the required technical skills, but develops the individual’s overall readiness for corporate America.

Highlights of the M-Power program include:

  • Learning by Experience – Hands-on exercises/projects based learning
  • Unique content specially made for the participant background and needs
  • Differentiated learning opportunities – tutoring online to accommodate different skill levels
  • Soft skills, ranging from language to leadership
  • Gamification to engage our trainees
  • The Mentor Global Learning Community, a supportive and growing environment of…
    • Personal Coaching for the overall development of the interns
    • A community of trainees who can help each other
    • Comprehensive online resources
  • Continuous assessment and feedback to improve results for every individual, and ensure the delivery of the highest-quality service to the end-user corporate clients.

Program Objectives

Here are two examples of our M-Power Program, which will give you an idea of the work we do for UST Global, to M-Power our trainees from multi-cultural backgrounds around the world. We train interns with no or very little IT experience to be employed as Junior Testers or Junior Java Developers.

Highlights of the M-Power program include:

  • Gain good understanding of OOPS concepts and software development process.
  • Code in Java for small-scale projects within assigned technical area based on business requirements and/or technical design documents.
  • Adhere to coding standards and all policies and procedures identified by the project specified by the client/UST Global.
  • Assist with unit testing by creating and executing unit tests.

Junior Testers should…

  • Execute test cases (Manual testing) based on test plans.
  • Create test cases for simple applications.
  • Validate the application and replicate any defects so that errors can be identified and corrected.
  • Document the test results as per the defined processes or standards.
  • Have knowledge on at least 2 – 3 testing metrics as applicable to Client.
  • Have working knowledge on at least one testing tool used by client.
  • Have the ability to communicate issues in a timely manner.

After the program, all interns should have…

  • Good understanding of the IT industry and work environment
  • Work effectively and communicate well in a team environment
  • Skills in standard office software tools
  • Developed basic problem solving skills
  • Good understanding of corporate etiquette
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