About Us

We started learning and we haven’t stopped… and that’s the way it will always be with Mentor Global

After we developed and presented a few dozen corporate programs…. we began seeking a higher standard. Not because we had to — our training was already getting major thumbs-up ratings — but because we really wanted to.

Because we’re expert technologists as well as expert learning specialists, we reverse-engineered cutting-edge Learning Management System (LMS) into our corporate offerings. The accountability and tracking of our advanced Learning Management System (LMS) became part of our DNA. So we were soon able to tell if any parts of our processes, tracking, instructors or students were missing steps that would slow down their advancement.

That effort paid off big-time.

Our work is smart…remarkably agile…always value-driven…with synergy and integration flowing through our veins.

And we’ve known that our organization needs to be learning itself, and we have been. And will always be.