My experience working with Mentor Global and especially Seema was a very smooth and enjoyable one. I had a powerful breakthrough when Seema coached me on an alternative approach to the one I’d ALWAYS used. It was so great to have such a good relationship with her that I could get upset, frustrated and even angry, and have all of that be accepted and explored.  I’d actually seen that her idea was truly sterling prior to talking with her again, but I knew that we could weather the storm. This is the kind of working relationship that truly creates outstanding outcomes.

She truly helped me break an old mold that was holding me back from expanding my business into doing online presentations. This was my first webinar and mixing the presentation to an unseen audience with the technical aspects of creating online was more difficult and frustrating than I’d expected. But Seema and Affan were so patient with me, even redoing the entire webinar with me.

I really enjoyed working with the Mentor Global team and Seema. I was impressed with their commitment to putting on a high-quality presentation and would highly recommend their services.

April 19th, 2017

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